Deep Cycle Batteries

It's important when choosing a Deep Cycle battery that you select the correct type of battery for your intended application. It would be best to call in to Northcoast Batteries and speak with one of our staff members to ensure you leave with the correct size and type of battery for your needs. For example if the Deep Cycle battery will be fitted in a confined space such as inside a Caravan then it's essential you install a fully sealed Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery to prevent gassing in the case of a charger malfunction, additionally if the battery is to be fitted under the bonnet of a vehicle as an auxiliary battery then a Flooded (wet) battery will need to be installed due to the extreme heat. Lastly you need to consider the Amp hour rating/battery size to ensure your battery and it's recharging method will keep up with the load requirements.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries

At Northcoast Batteries we stock all the common sizes of 12 volt AGM batteries from 4.5 Amp hours right through to 200Amp hours. The 120 Amp Hour AGM is the most common sort after size due to the manageable weight and overall dimensions. There are many advantages using AGM batteries including faster re-charging due to lower internal resistance, no spillage or leakage, no Gassing, can be installed in any orientation, longer life cycle span. Our Amp-Tech range of AGM are commonly used in the following applications:

 Trailer Breakaway systems
 Rechargeable torches
 Alarm back-up batteries
 Portable jump pack batteries
 Golf buggy batteries
 Marine house batteries
 Caravan batteries.

Flooded (Wet) Deep Cycle Batteries

Northcoast Batteries stocks a wide range of flooded Deep Cycle batteries for most applications here on the Sunshine coast. Our D70Z model Wet Deep Cycle battery is very popular with 4WD enthusiasts as the under bonnet auxiliary battery of choice. The D70Z packs 105 Amp hours and operates the fridge in the back of the truck flawlessly while occupying the same space as a standard 4WD N70ZZ battery. Of course the application for wet Deep Cycle batteries doesn’t end there, because the flooded Deep cycle batteries are a little more affordable than AGM they are also commonly used in house battery applications and are currently powering many solar fed house boats on the Noosa River. Our Flooded Deep Cycle batteries are also commonly used in the following applications:

 Trailer Breakaway systems
 Golf Carts
 Marine House Batteries
 Caravan batteries (in a ventilated compartment)
 4WD Auxiliary/Dual Battery set-up
 Floor sweepers